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Our Mission

To provide entrepreneurs an unparalleled opportunity for greater success and prosperity. 

Our Strategy

Host a suite of state-of-the-art platforms through which entrepreneurs can leverage their talents and resources to dramatically increase their income.

Make it effective.  Make it easy.  Make it affordable.

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  • Dynamic Network
  • Open Barter Platform
  • CloudCoin Integration
  • eCommerce Marketplace

Promote, connect, transact, collaborate with a world class network of entrepreneurs.

Your membership provides access to an intuitive dashboard, robust profile, private messaging, member-to-member chat, document exchange, forums, groups, blogs, and much more.

Developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Welcome to the next generation in barter!

We are not a barter exchange company, we do not issue 'barter bucks', and we don't take a percentage of your barter transactions.

What we are is an open barter network whose members barter their products and services over an easy-to-use platform, free of transaction fees, using a remarkably fast, secure, readily exchangeable digital currency called CloudCoin.

Will you be among those who will benefit from the next evolution in digital currency?

As a member of the Open Barter Network we believe you will, as you'll have the capability and ready market to accept, spend, and accumulate CloudCoins™, the digital currency phenomenon with proven superiority in speed, portability, security, flexibility, privacy, scalability, liquidity, and ease of use.

No block chains. No public ledgers. No mining. No digital wallets. No gigawatts of electricity. No kidding.

Multiply your profit centers, multiply your gains.

Premium members of the Open Barter Network are provided a dedicated store in our Amazon-style eCommerce marketplace, with ongoing multi-channel promotional campaigns to drive traffic into our member stores.

Easy set-up and management of your store eliminates the time and expense of creating, promoting and managing a stand-alone eCommerce site.


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