16 Important Things that Make CloudCoin Unique

1. Users can remain completely anonymous – not pseudo-anonymous as with Bitcoin. In this regard, CloudCoins are like paper money. Naturally, you would keep your own records, and have accounts with businesses, and handle your responsibilities, but anonymity is your decision and there is no ledger tracking your business or with whom you transacted.
2. With CloudCoin your money or wealth is not limited to, or controlled by, one economic system. It’s not restricted by borders.
3. Because the file sizes are very small, they require very little storage and transmit quickly. On the server level, there is no need for large, expensive, or energy-consuming storage.
4. On a personal level, CloudCoin wallets are under 5 MB and download in a few minutes. This is in contrast to a Bitcoin wallet that could take days to download.
5. CloudCoin transaction speeds are blazingly fast, with authentications measured in milliseconds, far faster than any cryptocurrency and even faster than Visa.
6. In a practical sense, a currency is only as valuable, or has ‘utility’ in so far as it makes trade safer and easier. With CloudCoin, it takes only a few seconds for a retail merchant, who has people waiting in line at a checkout counter, to verify authenticity and get paid. This is in contrast with Bitcoin, which can take ten minutes or more to process.
7. Transaction costs amount to less than a penny, making small purchases like a cup of coffee viable. This is in contrast to Bitcoin which can cost upwards of a dollar per transaction.
8. CloudCoin wallets are free and can be downloaded by anyone. Their simple, user-friendly interface, which is like an online checking account, makes them easy to use.

9. You can send a CloudCoin in seconds to anyone on earth who has a computer, smartphone or tablet, and an internet connection. This makes Peer-to-Peer transactions super-fast, free, and confidential.
10. Unlike Bitcoin, since CloudCoins use whole numbers instead of fractions (1s, 5s, 25s, etc.), like paper money, the values are easy to understand.
11. CloudCoins are limited. Only a fixed amount has been minted, and no more will ever be added. This eliminates the possibility of inflation.
12. CloudCoins are secure, and cannot be hacked by supercomputers, let alone the new quantum computers that are predicted to be able to crack a blockchain in a couple of minutes.
13. Your account cannot be frozen or manipulated. The last thing you want is some unscrupulous power asserting control of your finances on an unfounded claim or pretext.
14. CloudCoins cannot be copied or double spent. This is because with each transaction the authentication code is automatically changed as the ownership is transferred to the receiver.
15. CloudCoin is the first digital currency that can be found if lost. Procedures are in place that can immediately find lost coins, but if for some reason the coins are lost without access to a copy of the serial numbers, lost coins can be recovered after two years. This is big news as many millions of Bitcoins have been lost forever.
16. Unlike Bitcoin, the CloudCoin system is completely scalable and sustainable. Because the file size of each coin is very small, with minimal hardware and energy requirements, the system can be expanded indefinitely while remaining financially viable and ecologically friendly.

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