What Does RAIDA Have to Do with CloudCoin?

To understand CloudCoin, you need to understand RAIDA. CloudCoin remains the native currency of the RAIDA network.RAIDA or the Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents, is a new authentication protocol using post-blockchain technology.Just like Bitcoin, and the large number of cryptocurrencies using blockchain, CloudCoin has an underlying technology that makes it work. RAIDA is that …

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Why CloudCoin Came to Be?

CloudCoin, and the technology upon which it operates, is new. It is so new that it is often confused with older technologies like blockchain-based currencies such as Bitcoin. That being said, blockchain tech can be considered a predecessor to CloudCoin, as it has some fundamental similaritiesIn order to view CloudCoin in true context, it is …

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Why CloudCoin?

What is a Cloud Currency? Cloud Currencies do not depend on encryption but on redundancy along with a patent-pending “distributed, consensus-based, authenticity protocol” (which is non-centralized, so it’s safer). CloudCoin™ is the first and only of its kind yet. Are Cloud Currencies Better than CryptoCurrencies? Yes, because they are simpler, they are easier to buy, …

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