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We are not a barter exchange company.  You do not have to leave (or join) other barter exchanges or pay transaction fees to profit from the use of our open barter platform. We’ll show you how.

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One of the exclusive features that makes the OBN barter system unique is our use of a readily exchangeable type of alternative currency…

A digital currency called CloudCoin™

One of the features that makes our barter system unique is the readily exchangeable alternative currency we employ…

A digital currency called CloudCoin

Our story

to the
Next Generation
in Barter

Many thousands of years have passed since the dawn of barter.

Right now, as you read this, something completely NEW is happening with barter.

You may be familiar with the Latin phrase “quid pro quo,” which means “something for something”.  This is the fundamental definition of barter.

The Open Barter Network takes barter to an entirely new level, providing our members with a host of services designed to help maximize revenue while minimizing waste.

To illustrate…


OBN has greatly expanded the meaning and utility of barter itself: 

Our members can now not only exchange “their something for someone else’s something,” to preserve critical cash reserves

They can exchange “quid pro reliquum,” which loosely translates to “something for waste,” or for our members, convert their wasted resources into profit.

But wait, there's more... OBN is unlike anything you've ever Seen in barter

  • We are not a barter exchange company; we do not issue our own ‘barter bucks’ but use the foremost form of crypto currency for this purpose, called CloudCoin.

  • CloudCoin is the first-of-it’s-kind, a decentralized digital currency or eCurrency, that officially received its patent from the USPTO on May 12, 2020.

  • We do not take a percentage of your barter transactions.
  • We do not monitor, record or report your transactions (though we do offer a desktop app to help you track your transactions for your private record keeping and compliance with tax regulations).

  • We are locally oriented, yet international in scope.

  • Unlike conventional barter bucks, you can use CloudCoins within the network as well as outside of it.
  • CloudCoins are backed by an international consortium dedicated to maintaining and supporting the technology and continually developing ways to increase the utility and value of CloudCoins for business.

  • OBN combines all the above with world-class barter and networking platforms that operate as a hub where members can interact and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs as well as buy, sell and trade goods and services free of transaction fees.

And, as OBN continues to expand, members will have the opportunity to sell their goods and services to the general public through an E-commerce marketplace, with the capacity to accept both CloudCoin and conventional currencies, such as the dollar.

We are the Open Barter Network

With emphasis on the ‘open.’ 

We welcome members with dual membership in OBN and other barter associations.

We don’t require our members to spend their CloudCoins exclusively within the network.

We work to minimize restrictions and encourage trade every way possible.

We believe that an abundance of trade is what the world needs right now.

Our mission is to foster an open exchange of goods, services and ideas, toward the goal of a free and prosperous economy, for our members and for the world at large.