Why Barter?

Even though barter is the most ancient form of trade, some of you may not be familiar with how modern barter works… and why it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry that attract individuals from all walks of life.
Barter works for all businesses
We are in the middle of a financial crisis that many knowledgeable economists believe could take a decade to fully pull out of.
Right now, many small businesses that are in survival mode, but what these businesses might not know is there is a special form of barter that can serve as a life raft to help them to stay afloat.
Barter Converts Waste into Profit
Not familiar with how barter helps turn waste into profit?
Here are a few examples.
HOTELS and TIME SHARES: If a hotel or time share averages 60 to 70% occupancy, the additional 30% to 40% that remains ‘unbooked’ represents lost income that can never to be recovered. Barter can help turn those losses into profits, and build referral business in the process.
RESTAURANTS: If a restaurant has 80% of their tables booked, the remaining 20% that remains ‘unfilled’ represents lost income that can never to be recovered. The seats are empty, and time moves on. Barter can help fill those seats, lessen food waste, turn those losses into profit, while introduce your restaurant to new customers and generating referrals through word-of-mouth.
DENTISTS: No dentist likes empty chair time. Yet approximately one-third of dentists surveyed said that they did not feel that they were not busy enough. If a dentist has 70% of their delivery capacity filled, 30% ‘unfilled’ time slots represent lost income that can never to be recovered. It is well known in the dental industry that a successful practice needs to bring in between 20 to 30 new patients per month. Barter can help acquire new and repeat patients and turn empty-chair losses into profit.
MANFACTURERS: If a manufacturer has 10% of excess inventory sitting around, not only is this inventory ‘producing no return’, it actually represents a significant expense to the manufacturer. Even finding a deep-discount market where inventory might be liquidated for pennies on the dollar can be costly and time consuming. Barter can help move that inventory at profitable wholesale or possibly even retail rates, turning those losses into profits.

ATTORNEYS: If an attorney has ‘unbooked hours’, that unbilled time also represent lost income that can never to be recovered. On average, attorneys bill less than 30% of their productive time, and only collect on about 20%. Further, about 30% of their unbilled time is spent on getting new business in the door. Barter can help turn losses from unbilled hours into profit… and since most of an attorney’s new business comes from referrals, the attorney’s barter clients can help generate new cash clients.
ACCOUNTANTS: If an accountant has ‘unbooked hours’ that they cannot bill for, those hours represent lost income that can never be recovered. Barter can help make those unbooked hours into profitable, all while generating cash-paying clients who would not have otherwise walked in the door.
ADVERTISERS: If a newspaper, magazine, radio or TV station, online channel or otherwise has unfilled advertising space or time slots that are ‘unfilled’ at the time of publication or airing, they are gone forever. Barter can help fill those spots and turn those losses into profit.
SEASONABLE BUSINESS: Some businesses, such as swimming pool care, chimney sweeping, tutoring, gardening, rain gutter cleaning & repair, window washing, and weather stripping, all have busy seasons and slower seasons. In the busy season, you would most likely concentrate on cash customers, but in the slow times of the year, offering your services on barter can nicely fill in those gaps.

The Open Barter Network combines the ancient, time-tested power of barter, with the latest in digital currency technology… all of which helps our members convert waste to profit with a scope and versatility that hasn’t been possible, until now.

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